COMPLIANCE Declaration

Teikoku Machinery Works, Ltd. has been engaging on the pump business more than 100 years history, with rich experience and targeting customer’s position, together with flagging the mottos, Sincerity, Harmony and Originality.
Sincerity, standing on the customer standpoint with heartfelt and integrity,
Harmony, highly esteeming by each Section and all staffs,
Creativity, cooping the current wave/flow with bundling all staffs goodwill and power, then endeavoring for proceeding R/D
Quality management system (ISO 9001: 2015) is being built on LRS Society assistance and environmental action tracing with ECOSTAGE (Level 2), improvement is being accomplished.

Sincere facing with the Quality management system (ISO 9001: 2015) and environmental problem/environmental ethics, we are tackling ‘KAIZEN’ (betterment) internally.

In order to operate fully its function/performance of Company Organization, we are challenging positively to solve the problems toward the policy and target, at the same time, maintaining harmonious relationship with local neighboring society.

Herewith, we would like to declare proceeding Compliance Activity with the all in a company
by flagging the motto; ‘Injustice by not doing, not making, not hiding’ continually.

President  Hisashi Yoshida

Teikoku always think of preoccupying of next generation, continually make researches and improves original products.
Harmony Respective employees and individual section staff work together to community aim Sincerity Teikoku cope with staffs whole heart.User’s position is Teikoku’s motto.