February 1909
Founded Matsuda Type Pump Limited Partnership Company, starting the           fabrication of the patented Matsuda type pumps.
October 1934
Incorporated New Teikoku Machinery Works, Ltd.
October 1936
Factory was moved to the present site (Osaka Head office).
August 1944
Designated by Ministries of Navy and War Supply.
September 1965
Technical license agreement on Dolphin centrifugal pumps was concluded from Hamworthy Engineering Ltd. (U.K.).
February 1966
Tokyo branch was opened to intensify the sales activities and client services work.
May 1967
Technical license on air compressor was introduced from Hamworthy              Engineering Ltd.
June 1969
Delivered the primarily system pump for nuclear power station (Kansai             Electric Power Co., Mihama Nuclear Power Station)
June 1970
Developed and delivered LPG pump.
April 1977
Developed and delivered a pump for the binary cycle subterranean heat            power plant system (Kyushu Electric Power Co., Otake Power Plant)
May 1979
Developed large capacity sea water pumps to Desalination plant (Saudi            Arabia).
June 1980
Developed a high efficiency reversible pump to Energy Saving Ship.
January 1983
Micro-Generator System of low water head cross flow turbine (CFT) was developed.
May 1986
Developed a low noise and low vibration pump.
February 1990
Delivered a sulfur pump.
October 1992
Matsusaka Factory newly constructed in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture for            reinforcement of production.
November 1992
Developed water mill heat pump system (Haga-cho Cycling Center, Hyogo Pref.).
March 1993
Developed Yacht ocean generator system. (assisted by The Ship & Ocean Foundation)
August 1996
All factory function and facilities in Osaka completely moved to Matsusaka Factory.
May 1999
Obtained "Certificate of Approval" of the Quality Management System ISO 9001" from LRQA
December 1999
Obtained Certificate of “Manufacturing Survey Arrangement” from DNV. (MSA No.R-1620)
January 2000
Obtained Approved Factory under LRQA SCHEME (No.QAM053).
June 2000
Obtained “Certificate for Approval of Manufacturers” from NK.. (No.00CLQA94).
Obtained “Approval Certificate for Quality Assurance System” from KR.
August 2007
Supplied various pumps including “Heeling Pump” on Antarctic Exploration Fleet new ‘SHIRASE’ .
October 2011
Developed and completed higher efficiency pump, PROTO type.
May 2012
Certificate of Eco-Stage Level 2 was obtained.
March 2013
Higher suction capability Self-Priming type pump
and vertical Self-Priming type were developed.
February 2016
obtain Factory Certificate from ABS.