Teikoku Machinery Works, Ltd. Teikoku Machinery Works, Ltd.

SINCE 1909 SINCE 1909


There are times when we must face
seemingly insurmountable challenges.
These can only be overcome with
reliable technology and close teamwork.
Outstanding strength can emerge
when there is a problem to attend to.


Teikoku Craftsmanship

As a pioneer in the field of marine pumps, Teikoku Machinery Works has created a wide variety of pumps over the course of more than a hundred years.
What never changes is the dependability of our technology and the passion with which we approach our work.
When we set about making a pump, we do not forget the pioneer attitude, which has already carried us so far.

Technology Underpinning the Shipping Industry

Our marine pumps are 100% made-to-order. All aspects of manufacturing from machining to assembly and testing are done at our factory in Matsusaka.

Pump designs are based on information collected over the years into our own unique database. Before a design is finalized according to our guidelines, the customer’s needs are clarified in a series of meetings with personnel from all relevant departments.
The completed designs and drawings go through a thorough in-house review process, and the project proceeds to the manufacturing stage. The pumps are made one at a time using the latest equipment and the highest level of craftsmanship.

For over a century we have responded to changing times and environments and the various and complex needs of our customers, and to do this has become a tradition of which we are most proud.

Raising the Next Generation of Craftsmen

We are actively engaged in the training of personnel, because they are the foundation of the craftsmanship that wins the trust of customers.
People who can proudly work in production with the attitude of a keen craftsman and the awareness that we contribute to the world by providing high-quality pumps—they are the secret behind the reliability of our products.
In order to pass on technical expertise to our next generation of workers, we run various internal study groups and send them to participate in outside seminars.

To Be One-of-a-Kind

Although competition is becoming increasingly fierce in the marine pump industry, we will not be caught in the race to the cheapest. We would rather stand out by being a one-of-a-kind company that produces only the highest quality products.
We have been focusing on marine pumps so far, but we are always open to new challenges. Drawing on our long years of experience, we have recently launched out into the field of deep-sea pumps, including those for ocean mining. We hope to grow this into another successful product line in the near future.

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