How We Handle Personal Information

Teikoku Machinery Works, Ltd. (the “Company”) will endeavor to protect personal information in accordance with Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the following policy.

Definition of Personal Information and Method of Acquisition

The personal information mentioned in the policy refers to information that can be used to identify an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.

Use of Personal Information

The Company shall use personal information only for the purposes listed below.

  1. To verify the identification of our customers.
  2. To contact our customers in order to provide our services, etc.
  3. To provide useful information by direct mail, etc., from the Company.

Commissioning of Third Parties

In cases where the Company commissions a third party to handle personal information for the purposes listed in the previous section, the Company shall conduct a strict investigation concerning such third party and manage/monitor them to ensure that no personal information is leaked.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company shall disclose no personal information to any third party without the consent of the individual concerned. However, in cases where the competent authorities demand that personal information be disclosed in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances, the Company may comply with such demands.

Management of Personal Information

The Company shall accurately maintain customers’ personal information and manage it securely.

Revision, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

In cases where an individual makes a request to disclose, revise, correct, delete, or stop the use of personal information, the Company shall disclose, revise, correct, delete, or stop the use of such information within a reasonable time frame.

Revision of the Privacy Policy

The Company shall review, improve, and revise the privacy policy as required, and when revised, we shall post the renewed policy immediately on our website.

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